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Cannot get online appointment for new vehicle tag

Chris 2 days ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 1 day ago 1

I have been trying for several days to make an appointment online for a new vehicle tag. I have completed the form and selected an available time, hit the confirm button only to have it hesitate for 15 seconds and return me to my completed form instructing me to confirm. I have tried many different dates and times to no avail. I have tried both my iPad and my iPhone without success. What am I doing wrong? 

Gregg Turnbull 1 day ago

Hello Chris, 

Just tested setting up an appointment on the bookstime session and it went through - could you please make another run at it and let me know the result. 

Make sure both checkboxes are set when seeing confirmation and reminder -- I missed that and got a prompt to check the boxes. 

If you still get to the end without confirmation send me an email at and we we can set up a call.



//Larimer County Web Services


Useful Covid Information.

robwillchurchill 2 weeks ago in Website ( updated by Kelli Curl 2 weeks ago 1

Please publish the accurate statistics regarding Total Number of Covid Cases, Number of Cases testing positive, Number of cases testing negative, and Number of Covid SPECIFIC deaths.

You need to shift your Covid reporting focus from "activities" to actual results.  Your current Covid reporting focus is redundant, 2 days late, and emphasizes politician programs.  We need fact-based, RESULTS oriented information so citizens can short and long term plan for our survival.



Employment History Entries on Job Application

vketsdever 3 weeks ago in Website ( 0

Please update the website to allow employment history entries to start at the top. This way we can list employment in most recent first as it indicates. Otherwise, each employer has to be copy/paste and moved down, we lose all the information in those field as we go.


Add actual testing statistics for Covid-19 in Larimer County

David 1 month ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 3 weeks ago 1

The public need to know what tests, how many tests, and on which demographics are being performed on persons in Larimer County.  If you don't test for Covid-19, you can't detect it.

Gregg Turnbull 3 weeks ago

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay in response - all Covid-19 testing stats are maintained by the state - and private testing labs are not reporting on negative tests.

The states site was having connection issues so it appears they moved the stats to a Google Doc - here is the direct link:

Larimer County Covid-19 information is available here:



Web Services Team Lead


Property Search Not Working

Lisa Thieme 3 months ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 1 month ago 2

Assessor website Property Search not working.  Was working as late as this morning.

Gregg Turnbull 1 month ago

This was fixed a while back - sorry left the case open.




Bring back detail on each campground at carter lake!

von 1 month ago in Website ( 0

The aggregation of all the campground s under the carter lake lake site is bad. They are different enough to make them a separate subentity so people can evaluate and see each one. This grouping is not user friendly. A big mediocre mess right now.


burial assistance

Faith Shelleman 2 months ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 2 months ago 1

Helpful information on how to receive Burial assistance

Gregg Turnbull 2 months ago

Hello Faith,

I've found one mention of burial assistance on the site:

The contact details on that page:

For more information:


Gregg Turnbull

Larimer County Web Services Team Lead