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Inmate look up

Symone 20 hours ago in Website ( 0

Inmate look up does not work as of 5/10/21


CPF Recovery newsletter signup

You posted the March issue of the Cameron Peak Wildfire Recovery newsletter, but no way to sign up for the next one. Can you please add that function to your site? Thanks! I live in the burn scar and had NO idea this information was here until I stumbled on it today. Would love to get it sent straight to my inbox.


bugs/instability in county/FEMA covax signup webpage

ajs 3 weeks ago in Website ( 0

Recently as a vaccine hunter and mass-vax volunteer, I've been a heavy user of, and noted quite a few problems with it.  I'd like to email chat with someone who runs this website for the county + FEMA, to make suggestions.  Can you please contact me at my email below?  Thanks.


Your communication could be much more clear

Lisa 3 months ago in Website ( 0

The postcard lists renewal options but they don't look like renewal options.  "Renew while you shop!" is incredibly unclear that renewal kiosks are located in grocery stores.  How about saying "Renewal Options: Renewal by phone (parenthetically note whether can be done if emissions due), Renewal by kiosk at a local store - find a kiosk at: website."

Next, on the website, you could clearly state the two methods of renewal.  You could explain how people can verify that their documents are up to date without having to click through everything in the FAQ list. 

Please, please, please simplify this for busy people trying to get their renewal done.  I can't imagine how complex this must be for someone who does not normally use a computer or has other issues that would make this confusing.  


Paying Taxes Online

msrice 3 months ago in Website ( 0

I have never experienced such a difficult site to pay property taxes.  You folks are stuck in the stone age.  Time to make your site much, much more logical.  I am trying to pay a $124,000 property tax bill and can't find a way to give you my money.  That's pretty sad!


Geodesic dome greenhouse

Alicia 3 months ago in Website ( 0

Broken link for COVID Vaccine Volunteer at The Ranch

Guilian 3 months ago in Website ( 0 On this page if you click to sign up to volunteer at The Ranch it takes you to a link that doesn't work.


Road Construction Updates

jacobhendricks 3 months ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 3 months ago 1

How can the county perform construction on a county road and not inform the public of the updated plans? Current construction on County Road 44H is not transparent. I find this very unnerving for a public entity and ultimately disrespectful to the public.

Gregg Turnbull 3 months ago

Mr Hendricks,
I apologize that you were not aware of the construction project. While we try to get information disseminated to the public we don't always reach everyone that has an interest. We did send out close to 300 mailings in December to the property owners in the area of CR 44H to update them on the project. I went back and looked at the mailing list and did not see your name on the list so I apologize if we somehow missed it when we did our search. I've attached the letter we mailed in case it helps provide you with information you are looking for. We also placed message boards at the CR 27/CR 44H intersection prior to the project beginning to try and inform folks who may not have gotten a letter in the mail but use the road.
We also update our website each month with the latest information about the various projects we have going in the county. I've attached the link to this site if you would like to look at this project or any of the others we have going.
Please email me or call me if you have any questions.
Thank you
Rusty McDaniel -


Hi, the admin maters recording for 2/2/21 doesn't play & gives an error code.

blockcl 3 months ago in Website ( updated by Jim Vogl 3 months ago 1

Hi, the admin maters recording for 2/2/21 doesn't play & gives an error code.

Jim Vogl 3 months ago

Thanks for the note. It was due to the time jump in the URL. I updated the code to account for it, so the video link is working now.