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Storage shed handout is still missing. Garage handout is still missing.

gary_huffman 2 years ago in Website Search ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 2 years ago 1

I search for storage shed handout and still get loafing shed handout.  I can not find the garage handouts.  The "I WANT TO" tab looks like a search but it is not.   Search leaves a lot to be desired. 

I have been dealing with computers for almost 40 years and find the layout difficult and search frustrating.  I put in wood stove handout and got a burglary in the list???

Gregg Turnbull 2 years ago

Hello Gary,

Sorry for the delay but we have not forgot about you. The trick we found is that no where in the info sheet did it include the term Storage Shed, or Handout. So we had to add some additional terms on the page and train the search a bit more to dig into fields and documents. 

If you search the term 'storage shed handout' now, the building page is the first item that appears and we have added the term Handout where we felt appropriate.

Thank you again for the feedback.



//Larimer County Web Services Team Lead