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renew retail food license

beth 3 years ago in Website Search ( updated by Jim Vogl 2 years ago 2

I cannot find a handy easy-to-use button that says "renew" a retail food establishment license.  Could use some sort of information on how it happens.  One reference that says they are renewed annually in January.  How?  Where?

Jim Vogl 2 years ago

Hello Beth,

I too came up empty when looking for the easy button - or at least a good description of the process on the department's pages:

I will forward a note on the missing info, but please reach out to the department directly concerning your specific renewal:

(970) 498-6775

Email Heather Young


Gregg Turnbull

Larimer County Web Services 


The link for Interactive Winds Map from is not working.

The link to the Interactive Winds Map is not working from the PDF file

It is needed to determine design winds speeds for structural design projects.  Where can it be found?


Unable to click on restaurant listed, El Burrito

Mike Thorsrud 3 years ago in Website Search ( updated 3 years ago 2
Dave Seabeck 3 years ago

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the delay - not sure if there was a data issue when this click was attempted. Just checked and am now able to get information on El Burrito. 
Here is the direct link:




Search Function does not work. On iMac Safari

I tried to search using the Search function on several terms.  "Abatement", "Property Tax Liens", and several others.  Each time, the result would print 'Loading'.  When I hit continue, it would print 'Loading' again.  After waiting a long time, it would print 'Sorry, an error occurred', in red.  No results were ever given for any of the search terms.    It did not ever work for me, on iMac, Safari - with all latest updates.  My internet connection seems to be OK, as all other websites, email, etc is working.  

Under review

Site support services

joan paskewitz 3 years ago in Website Search ( updated by Dave Seabeck 3 years ago 1

I was attempting to contact a member of the Estes Park Estates road  Board via the link in roads, and with multiple attempts the message was not accepted. A note stated to contact "site support services" with problems, but there is no such thing on the website. What do I do now, and why would I be referred to something that doesn't exist/come up in a site search?   Very poor UX! Please contact me.