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hospitalizations per 100K per 7 days graph says 3 risk table above show 14+

John Dietrich 9 months ago in COVID-19 Dashboard updated by Jim Vogl 9 months ago 1
Jim Vogl 9 months ago

Hi John,

Thanks for your input. Here's the response from the Larimer County Health Department: 

The two hospital admissions metrics you reference come from different sources and are different metrics.

The CDC COVID-19 Community level (currently level High according to the CDC levels) and the associated metrics at the top of the page come directly from the CDC. The CDC receives daily updates from hospitals regarding admissions with COVID-19 via the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The CDC then calculates a rate of admissions per 100k residents based on our Larimer County population. However, hospital admissions with COVID to Larimer County facilities include residents of other counties (e.g. Weld) and even other states like southern Wyoming and western Nebraska in some cases.

In contrast the hospital admissions graph below is from Colorado Department of Health and Environment data and only includes residents of Larimer County who are hospitalized with COVID, regardless of what facility or hospital in Colorado those residents receive care at. This data is also delayed in reporting and hence there is typically a 7 to 14 day lag before all of the data for a particular day is complete.
So the first number for the CDC provides some insight into how significant a burden COVID-19 is on our hospital system while the graphed number below provides a better sense of the ongoing burden of COVID-19 on the population of Larimer County residents.

Currently, despite a significant wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations with COVID-19 remain at relative lows compared to other waves of the pandemic, well below anything we saw during the Delta or Omicron waves. At the same time, transmission remains high right now and those with severe COVID risk factors may become quite ill and should exercise caution to avoid exposure whenever possible.


Larimer County COVID-19 Dashboard Accuracy

mike 9 months ago in COVID-19 Dashboard 0

What kind of accuracy rating to you attribute to the Dashboard?  I am concerned that most home-test positives will not be reported.  On the other hand, my wife and I self-reported positives, and I was thereafter tested formally by Estes Park Health, and yet we do not appear in the statistics (by city and age) more than a week later.


Larimer County wastewater covid testing results

ajs 11 months ago in COVID-19 Dashboard updated by Jim Vogl 11 months ago 3

Now that PCR testing results are less reliable than ever, I read a suggestion to instead monitor community wastewater testing. I searched and found the "

Wastewater Testing for COVID-19"

page, but it lacks any link I can find to actual present results, nor did they show up searching. Is this being posted, or not? And if not, why not?  Thanks.

Jim Vogl 11 months ago

Rows in case log does not match total number of cases

David Newman 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard updated 1 year ago 1

Why is the total number of cases less than the number of rows in the case log? That does not make sense.


best covid dashboard that I've seen

A Nana to toddlers 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard updated 1 year ago 1

coronavirus cases inaccurate

kepos 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard 0

The chart of Coronavirus cases by day does not agree with the list of actual cases.  The chart is off by one day (ie it lists 34 cases for March 14, but the actual case table shows only 19 cases for March 14.  The table lists 34 cases for March 13).  So, this calls into question the calculation for the 7-day cases per 100,000).


It seems like you haven't updated PCR tests since March 1

sandynewlin 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard 0

Is the dashboard up to date? No new PCR results since March 1. Positivity percent unchanged for days


percent vaccinated for 16+

SABrew 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard 0

The percent vaccinated for 16+ age group went from near 80 percent morning of 2/18/22 to 13.1% by evening. I believe this is in error. 


The cases by day bar chart will not scroll completely to the right so you can't see the last 2 weeks or so of data

jclitsch 1 year ago in COVID-19 Dashboard 0

It seems like it will actually scroll to the right correctly but it goes off the page so you can't get to the most recent daily case counts.