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Parcel is found on the assessors page, but not able to located on the GIS map?

Jessica Royer 3 weeks ago 0

Parcel Number: 8519300001
Schedule Number: 1651551
Account Number: R1651551

Attempted to submit a burn permit and address will not come up in system (linked to assessors page). Parcel information found, but not found on the GIS map? 


Why the change on Active cases on dashboard?

msk60 3 weeks ago 0
Jim Vogl 2 months ago

The Sheriff's Department has a new system and the arresting agency is not always entered right away, so some of the current day's most recent bookings might not show it. Bookings are ordered by date/time of arrest, the most recent first.


How do I report business noncompliance with Covid rules?

smbmfa 2 months ago updated by Jim Vogl 2 months ago 1

How do I report it when I believe a business is not enforcing proper mask and distance rules among employees?

Jim Vogl 2 months ago

Thanks for your question. You can learn more and submit forms by visiting this page:


I dont understand why there is no chat window if you cant call and get a hold of anyone then why no chat window!!!

mgtraylor69 3 months ago 0

Cant get a hold of your child support division...... in any way shape or form.....???????


Why is Larimer County Stay at Home until April 17th and the state Stay at Home is until April 11th?

cohiclark 11 months ago updated by Jim Vogl 3 months ago 2