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Permit Search/Online portal

ashley daum 6 months ago 0

The online portal to search for permits, in this case roofing permits, says error everyday. I can't access it. 

Under review

It's like pulling teeth to find the actual e-records for 4h projects

x 8 months ago updated by Dave Seabeck 8 months ago 1
Dave Seabeck 8 months ago

Sorry you're struggling to find the information you're looking for. Even when we can't fix issues immediately, we welcome suggestions to improve our content.

Jim Vogl 9 months ago

From  the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment:

Thank you for reaching out. All residential care facilities work closely with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) residential care strike team to manage COVID-19 outbreaks and clusters in their facilities. Outbreak data is updated once per week by CDPHE. This data is first updated on the CDPHE website ( on Wednesdays and the changes are reflected on our local page ( by Thursday.

The webpage indicates there are 3 resident cases and 17 staff cases linked to this outbreak. If additional cases have been reported to the CDPHE residential care strike team since that time, they should be reflected within the next day. Identifying information such as name or date of birth of cases is protected health information and not available to the public.

Please note that CDPHE has recently announced a change in the way this data will be displayed. Read more here: The information available on the webpages linked above may change over the next few months.


Property tax payment page issues

micmeyers 12 months ago updated by beeeyelaser 10 months ago 1

Hello, it's April of 2022.  I just used your website payment option for my property taxes for the first time.  I found it extremely frustrating to see that I could not schedule my payment in advance.  Today is the 11th.  I wanted to schedule my payment for May 1.  Your page/system does not allow this.  EVERY other website I make payments on allows me to schedule my payment on a date in the future that I choose. This is poor functionality, it's inconventient and I find it to be unacceptable.  If you want my payment electronically, allow me to pick my payment date.


update vaccine

SherryBrew 11 months ago 0

Can we provide updated vaccine percentages in the community? It's been 11 days since an update.


Misspelling of Hospitalizations on mouseover

monksm 12 months ago updated by Dave Seabeck 11 months ago 1

Hi, on the Hospitalizations graph under the Overview page, when you mouse over to see a given day's count, the word "Hospitalizations" is misspelled "Hospitalzations". Just thought I'd point out the typo! Thanks for maintaining this site!

Dave Seabeck 11 months ago

Thank you for the feedback - misspelling has been fixed


Website feedback page navigation issue

micmeyers 12 months ago 0

Hello.  I just opened the website feedback page and browsed the topics there.  When I was finished, I wanted to navigate away from that page.  I clicked outside of the page boundaries, clicked on the menu options above it, etc.  The page was "stuck open".  I had to refresh the website to make the page close.  I run a PC with Windows 10 and use Google browser.


Devil's Backbone & Horsetooth Open Space parking lot webcams not working

rob 12 months ago 0

Neither camera is updating every five minutes. Daily updates seem more common. I love using these WebCams to determine where I want to hike where there aren't crowds. They're great when they work. Please fix. Thanks!


The booking Search by agency is not working

lfwolfe 1 year ago updated by Jim Vogl 1 year ago 1

The booking Search by agency is not working.

Jim Vogl 1 year ago

Thanks for letting us know. It's now fixed.