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COVID-19 Dashboard - wrong data

Gibeom Kim 1 hour ago 0

Larimer County COVID-19 Dashboard >> Cases >> City:Cases/Day is not correct especially Fort Collins. According to RAW data, it looks system distinguish capital character. But data is mixed up.


What happened to the Covid dashboard?

Robbie Moreland 6 days ago updated by Gregg Turnbull 6 days ago 1

Where is the link to the Covid dashboard that's been at the top of the page at for months?????

Gregg Turnbull 6 days ago

thank you for the heads up - the alert banner dropped off with a recent update.

we have re-enabled it.

Thank you,



Thank you to Eric Roman that works in the Processing Center,

Maria 1 week ago 0

I called in to register my car after receiving the Title Notice in the mail and Eric helped me in literally LESS THAN 5 mins!!! He was kind and quick. I was surprised of the amount to be paid and that I didn't need to provide additional documentation, and I expressed my surprise to him, he explained the reasons behind it and offered to send the receipt to my email. I shared how thankful I was about how he handled my call and he was appreciative of my compliments. I asked if I could leave some positive feedback and here I am. Larimer County and DMV you guys are doing something right! this experience was great!


Pages no longer working

Jessica Royer 1 week ago 0

Pages on website are down. Main page has incorrect link. Unable to access burn permit page. All default ot natural areas maps? 


what does the risk factor mean?

Sally Weber 2 weeks ago 0

When the Risk Factor is RED, where do I go to find out what that means? 


Why 2 different Laportes on covid cases by city?

cindy.henk 2 weeks ago updated by Jim Vogl 2 weeks ago 1