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Property Search Not Working

Lisa Thieme 3 hours ago in Website ( 0

Assessor website Property Search not working.  Was working as late as this morning.


Links on the daily jobs list not working

dougp01 3 days ago in Website ( 0

Links on not working. Using chrome with all popups, javascript, flash,  etc. enabled. What am I doing wrong?

Under review

Property Search and Property Tax Search are not working - 1/6/20

brettfritz 2 weeks ago in Records ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 2 weeks ago 1



Probation is no longer at the Justice Center.

David 4 weeks ago in Website ( 0

Prtobation moved months ago to 1600 Prospect Park Way, Suite 109, Fort Collins CO, 80525.  There are no longer any probation services at the Justice Center


specialty plates

captainranger98 1 month ago updated by Gregg Turnbull 1 month ago 1

I can't find pictures of the specialty plates, I'll go back to my old county's site.

Gregg Turnbull 1 month ago

The updated list is maintained by the state on this website:

I have updated Larimer's pages so when specialty plates are mentioned it provides the link so you can review your options. 

Thanks indeed for the feedback, as it helped others looking for up to date photos of the plates.


Gregg Turnbull

Larimer County Web Services