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Red Feather, Larimer County Webcams & Real-Time Weather

dydxsquared 2 days ago in Website ( 0

Red Feather Webcam/Weather has gone missing again for the past few it temporary?

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Subsidized Internet Program Missing link for application - FRII

bridger vasquez 3 months ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 3 days ago 3

Is FRII no longer in the Subsidized Internet Program? They told me to apply, and sent me a link:

That link only sends me to a sign in to a "My Account" page:
If I try to create an account, I get an error page:

ERROR  The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

There is no link for FRII on the page listing links for the Larimer Subsidized Internet Programs:


Permit Search/Online portal

ashley daum 2 weeks ago 0

The online portal to search for permits, in this case roofing permits, says error everyday. I can't access it. 

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Where are my property records in Assessor's DB? Data is missing. Friday Aug 13 5 pm

btrrcweb2098 2 months ago in Assessor / Property Search updated by Dave Seabeck 2 months ago 1

Owner name is missing. I can bring up one of my parcels (92 Brown Trout Lane) but the owner name is blank (and then it showed up), and I searched for "Brown Trout" street name to get that one to show up - there should be more records come up - 165 Brown Trout, 173 Brown Trout. There should be a Bein Cabin records, and a Combs Colin record. 

   FRIDAY, AUG 12, 5:07 PM

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Please post scheduling for mosquito spraying, in a place that be easily found!

Bill Chapman 2 months ago in Website ( updated by Jim Vogl 2 months ago 1
Under review

It's like pulling teeth to find the actual e-records for 4h projects

x 2 months ago updated by Dave Seabeck 2 months ago 1
Dave Seabeck 2 months ago

Sorry you're struggling to find the information you're looking for. Even when we can't fix issues immediately, we welcome suggestions to improve our content.

Jim Vogl 3 months ago

From  the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment:

Thank you for reaching out. All residential care facilities work closely with the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) residential care strike team to manage COVID-19 outbreaks and clusters in their facilities. Outbreak data is updated once per week by CDPHE. This data is first updated on the CDPHE website ( on Wednesdays and the changes are reflected on our local page ( by Thursday.

The webpage indicates there are 3 resident cases and 17 staff cases linked to this outbreak. If additional cases have been reported to the CDPHE residential care strike team since that time, they should be reflected within the next day. Identifying information such as name or date of birth of cases is protected health information and not available to the public.

Please note that CDPHE has recently announced a change in the way this data will be displayed. Read more here: The information available on the webpages linked above may change over the next few months.


hospitalizations per 100K per 7 days graph says 3 risk table above show 14+

John Dietrich 3 months ago in COVID-19 Dashboard updated by Jim Vogl 3 months ago 1
Jim Vogl 3 months ago

Hi John,

Thanks for your input. Here's the response from the Larimer County Health Department: 

The two hospital admissions metrics you reference come from different sources and are different metrics.

The CDC COVID-19 Community level (currently level High according to the CDC levels) and the associated metrics at the top of the page come directly from the CDC. The CDC receives daily updates from hospitals regarding admissions with COVID-19 via the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The CDC then calculates a rate of admissions per 100k residents based on our Larimer County population. However, hospital admissions with COVID to Larimer County facilities include residents of other counties (e.g. Weld) and even other states like southern Wyoming and western Nebraska in some cases.

In contrast the hospital admissions graph below is from Colorado Department of Health and Environment data and only includes residents of Larimer County who are hospitalized with COVID, regardless of what facility or hospital in Colorado those residents receive care at. This data is also delayed in reporting and hence there is typically a 7 to 14 day lag before all of the data for a particular day is complete.
So the first number for the CDC provides some insight into how significant a burden COVID-19 is on our hospital system while the graphed number below provides a better sense of the ongoing burden of COVID-19 on the population of Larimer County residents.

Currently, despite a significant wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations with COVID-19 remain at relative lows compared to other waves of the pandemic, well below anything we saw during the Delta or Omicron waves. At the same time, transmission remains high right now and those with severe COVID risk factors may become quite ill and should exercise caution to avoid exposure whenever possible.