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covid data not working

theresa.bromberg 3 hours ago in Website ( updated by Gregg Turnbull 3 hours ago 1

All the data for Larimery County's COVID stats are not working.  No cities are listed and the cases are not listed either.  There is minimal info available of days where the page wouldn't even load correctly.  In order to have an informed public, this data should be working.


Preventing transmission indoors.

Charlie Potter 10 hours ago 0

Have you considered recommending putting very bright UVC bulbs in the air circulation systems? There is a lot of research out there showing that the relatively cheap (<$70) 256 uM bulbs are very effective at killing viruses.  I haven't seen this recommended anywhere in your published information. They have to be shielded from shining directly on people but that is usually easy to do. I can provide references. 


The "track your vote" link just goes to the "check your registration" page.

Carol M. 2 years ago in Website ( updated by hermeling2 1 day ago 4
Gregg Turnbull 2 years ago

Hello Carol,
Sorry for the confusion in my first response - as I too was unaware of the limitation of tracking only mail in ballots. I have confirmed with the Elections team and have updated the links on our voting page and our Voting FAQ page to better indicate the ability of the states system in tracking only ballots cast by mail.

(links updated on -and-

(update to Election FAQ page)

Thank you again for the feedback.




voter drop box map not working

ardenmyrth 1 day ago 0

Voter drop box map not working- sites not visible.  Map is blank

Gregg Turnbull 3 days ago

The 'Track Ballot' service is indeed performed on the states website that confirms registration. 

If you provide your information on, the page provides a Ballot Information Tab which, for me appears like this:

As the ballot is is dropped off, and tallied the status will update on this page.


Where are the addresses of the new outbreaks?

carrie 3 days ago 0

What Wendy's??? What Wells Fargo???



I can't apply for a job from my Larimer account, it keeps telling me the login is incorrect. IT looks correct on my profile.

Claudia 5 days ago in Website ( 0

I created an account so I can apply for a job, but when I go to "I want to" and click on "Apply for jobs at Larimer", it makes me sign up again and it keeps unrecognizing my login. I open another tab and my email/login is correct. Please help.