Useful Covid Information.

robwillchurchill 2 weeks ago in Website (larimer.org) updated by Kelli Curl 2 weeks ago 1

Please publish the accurate statistics regarding Total Number of Covid Cases, Number of Cases testing positive, Number of cases testing negative, and Number of Covid SPECIFIC deaths.

You need to shift your Covid reporting focus from "activities" to actual results.  Your current Covid reporting focus is redundant, 2 days late, and emphasizes politician programs.  We need fact-based, RESULTS oriented information so citizens can short and long term plan for our survival.


We receive positive test results for COVID-19 daily and post them to our website each morning. Local providers are not required to report negative test results to us so we don't have any data to share for negative test results. At this time there have been no deaths in Larimer County but if that changes, we will post that information on our website.