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Where are my property records in Assessor's DB? Data is missing. Friday Aug 13 5 pm

btrrcweb2098 8 months ago in Assessor / Property Search updated by Dave Seabeck 8 months ago 1

Owner name is missing. I can bring up one of my parcels (92 Brown Trout Lane) but the owner name is blank (and then it showed up), and I searched for "Brown Trout" street name to get that one to show up - there should be more records come up - 165 Brown Trout, 173 Brown Trout. There should be a Bein Cabin records, and a Combs Colin record. 

   FRIDAY, AUG 12, 5:07 PM

Under review

I wonder if you were searching at a time when the records were updating because they seem to be there now. Thank you for your message.