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GIS Maps - multiple parcel ownerships- why can't they be highlighted together

Rueben 2 years ago in Online Portal (onlineportal.larimer.org) updated by Gregg Turnbull 2 years ago 1

Get up to speed.  Weld County already does this.  When looking under ownerships, if a person owns more than one parcel that is contiguous why can't Larimer County highlight all the parcel owned without the fill like Weld County?  When we are looking to purchase property as developer your site is so time consuming.  I should be able to grab every parcel and capture all the abbreviated info about the parcel so I can then go get the property profiles in a snap.  

Too, you can't even click on each parcel and join them together either.  And I hate that fill and the color choice for outlining a parcel is too light.  Weld County uses red - why don't you pick it up and use Bright Green 5 pt. line to highlight the parcels configuration.

Under review

Thanks for the feedback Rueben,

I passed off the suggestions to our GIS Team for review. I will post updates to this thread.