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joan.paskewitz 1 year ago in Website Search (Larimer.org) updated by Gregg Turnbull 1 year ago 1

I was attempting to contact a member of the Estes Park Estates road  Board via the link in roads, and with multiple attempts the message was not accepted. A note stated to contact "site support services" with problems, but there is no such thing on the website. What do I do now, and why would I be referred to something that doesn't exist/come up in a site search?   Very poor UX! Please contact me.

Under review

Good morning Joan,

Sorry to hear that are site is not working as expected. To assist I first want to confirm the page / URL you were on when the error appeared. I am looking at the board page: https://www.larimer.org/boards/estes-park-estates and the links to contact individual members appears to work as they should, If this is the right page I will do additional tests. If not, please send me the URL of the page that is the trouble maker.

Thank you for the heads up.