Surveyor info

saratoole 5 years ago in Website (larimer.org) updated by Dave Seabeck 5 years ago 1

You can't even find the property boundaries records online anymore.  If you search larimer county surveyor, it brings up the Surveyor office website on Google maps, and when you click that -- you get FILE NOT FOUND.   You have stranded a bunch of people!!!.  I suggest you roll the website back -- a good design is nothing without functionality.  It's outrageous.


Hello Again Sara,

A redirect for the survey page has been added - thank you for letting us know. I do need some more details on the tool that provides property boundaries records though. http://legacy.larimer.org online so if you can let me know the URL on that page my team an I can remedy any missing pages. As for stranded people - life boats are on the way (in the form of redirects, and google processing the grief of losing a playmate  - both the old larimer.org and google.com launched in 1996). Google has had our updated sitemap since launch / we have been using webmaster tools and internal CMS tools to monitor and remedy 404 occurrences. 

Thanks again for your feedback,