Typos on webpages

jasinski_jean 2 weeks ago in Website (larimer.org) updated by Jim Vogl 6 days ago 4

The CoVID outbreak page has misspelled Thompson (school district).  The Arthur's Rock Death page https://www.larimer.org/spotlights/2020/11/16/arthurs-rock-death-11042020 has November misspelled.

Thanks for the note. We corrected the spelling of November on https://www.larimer.org/spotlights/2020/11/16/arthurs-rock-death-11042020 but Thompson is spelled correctly.

Not on the Outbreak page.  It has two m "Thommpson"

In the links section directly above the Outbreak table.

Sorry, I was looking forThommpson in the data, Found & fixed it on the button.