Covid testing holiday banner provides incorrect information

karen e ratcliffe 5 months ago in Website (larimer.org) 0

The large green banner toward the top of the Covid-19 Testing page provides incorrect information about holiday hours. It says that the Ft. Collins Mako testing site is closed 12/24, but that "All other Mako Medical testing sites in Larimer County will provide testing during regular business hours Monday through Friday the week of 12/20 and 12/27." 

This is incorrect. The Loveland testing site was only open for half day hours today, 12/24: from 8am to 2pm. I only discovered this when I clicked on the link to preregister around 3:30pm, after the testing site had already closed. "Regular business hours" would have meant it was open until 6pm. Now I am unable to get tested today, and my only option for free testing in the area will be to wait until Monday morning to test, the results of which will then not be available for a number of days. This has seriously impacted my plans. I am upset that the banner was misleading and urge you to fix this for future similar situations.