Larimer County wastewater covid testing results

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Now that PCR testing results are less reliable than ever, I read a suggestion to instead monitor community wastewater testing. I searched and found the "

Wastewater Testing for COVID-19"

page, but it lacks any link I can find to actual present results, nor did they show up searching. Is this being posted, or not? And if not, why not?  Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback. We updated the second line in the banner on the wastewater page (https://www.larimer.org/health/communicable-disease/coronavirus-covid-19/wastewater-testing-covid-19) to reference the data button on the state page:
For more info, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment website. To view the data, click the "Wastewater Sample Data" button.
That button currently links here, but since we don't manage the state site, we don't know if that will change over time:

That was fast, thanks. Although of course the link is pretty useless!  Best I can tell, from there I must go to FAQs, then download a PDF, and almost all of the data in it, is from 2021! Is that really the best that's available? -- Edit: No, wait, you did reference the the "Wastewater Sample Data" button.  OK I see that, although their directions are confusing:  "View the latest wastewater sample data and learn more about the science in our FAQ."  And their data is slow to load, now, is it useful? ... Edit again:  I can click on "Fort Collins - Drake", and APPARENTLY that's the graph I get, but it's not clearly labeled as such. Will have to revisit and track...