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Can't check Captcha box

Gary Fritz 5 months ago in Website (larimer.org) updated by Dave Seabeck 5 months ago 1

Trying to send a message (to Assessor's office, I think) but the "I'm not a robot" checkbox is inactive.  Can't check it.  I tried Chrome and Edge and neither works.

I was trying to send this:  please send to appropriate department?

I *think* I applied for the senior exemption last year, but I'm not certain. I've looked all over the website and I can't find any way to CHECK to see if I'm signed up. Is there a way for me to verify? If not, can you look it up for me? Gary Fritz, 1110 Club View Terrace, 80524. Thank you!

Under review

Thank you for letting us know about the "robot" checkbox. I forwarded your question to the Assessor's office.